The advantages of WPC Decking

Advantages of WPC Decking

One of the most close to nature in wood-based panels, but also superior to natural wood.

Two, wood particle board for internal cross scattered granular structure. Therefore, the nail holding force is good, can nail round nails, screws. These can be processed for performance

Significantly better than the density board.

Three, WPC Decking warping deformation is small, stable size, good, high strength, good stiffness, unlike density board and other man-made board when used as a table

Some thin, the length of the deformation in the diagonal 1mm bending strength of less than 2mm, while the density plate deformation. Because the WPC Decking is not easy to deform, the utility model is superior to the density board and other artificial boards in the process of storage, transportation and use.

Four, solid wood particle density is high, the board of wood fiber particles larger, unlike density board density fiber is small, more reserved natural wood

In essence, the use of adhesive on the WPC Decking content is generally less than 5%, while the density of the board with a rubber content of 7%. Therefore, the environmental protection performance of WPC Decking is better than that of density board. At present, the use of high-grade furniture is more E1 class WPC Decking, which is the highest level of environmental protection.